Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint

How to Mix Milk Paint

April 18, 2018



Mixing (and using) milk paint is easy peasy as my son would say. Just be sure to read my blog post How to Measure Milk Paint first.

Place measured milk paint powder in a large container (at least twice the size of mixed milk paint).  I love using silicone bowls with lids.  They clean easily so that they can be reused. Saves money and helps the environment. And if there is any paint left over, just pop the lid on and store it in the refrigerator for your next project.  (It keeps fine in the refrigerator for 3-4 days). I don't have these particular bowls, but they look like they would be great for milk paint. 


Add just enough lukewarm water to make a paste. Then continue to add water, and (using a paint stick, rubber spatula or rubber whisk) stir constantly for approximately two minutes, until the desired consistency is achieved. More water may be added, if a thinner milk paint is desired.  It is normal for the paint to have a few lumpy bits, especially if the paint isn't mashed down a tad.


Paint may be strained to remove powdered bits. However, I've never done that. I love the varied texture that the lumpy bits of milk paint create. As a matter of fact, I stir my paint less to get more lumps!

That's it!  Easy peasy.

The paint should sit for about ten minutes or so, so it's a good time now to prep your surface to be painted with milk paint.  For pointers and tips, check out my next blog post Prepping Your Furniture for Milk Paint.

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