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New Boutique Opens in SoBro

“Junkified” and wonderful! Just three weeks ago, Michelle Dolon opened her new Eco-Boutique, Junkyard Goddess. The store carries Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint, artisan-crafted goods from local and national artists. It also has ongoing milk-painting workshops and offers custom painting and artisan room upstyling.

hThe grand opening party is Sunday, July 10th from 5-8. The party will feature the Naptown Roller Girls, free pizza from Scotty’s Brewhouse, samplings from Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co., Cara Jean Marcy performing, free chair massage, and a parking lot full of artisan vendors.

Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint is located in “SoBro” on the Monon and 54th.

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Geist Magazine, Indianapolis, Indiana, July 2016

Broad Ripple Magazine, Indianapolis, Indiana, July 2016

From Old and Worn to Vintage Chic

New Boutique Junkyard Goddess Reuses Old Objects to Make Home Decor

Writer & Photographer  /  Demi Lawrence

A new boutique is in South Broad Ripple just off of 54th Street called Junkyard Goddess. Thoughtfully owned by Geist resident Michelle Dolon, the boutique offers beautiful home decor that is not only environmentally friendly, but is made from reused, recycled and restyled items that would otherwise find themselves rotting in a landfill.

Six years ago, Michelle got the idea to sell items that she herself either created, painted or refurbished on Etsy as a way to support her growing family. Fast forward a few years, and Michelle’s items were selling fast as she began to start a business plan for a boutique she wanted to call Junkyard Goddess.

“My whole concept is that we don’t have to spend a lot of money on our home decor. I combined that with wanting to reuse what we already have on the earth, being environmentally conscious and saving money [to create Junkyard Goddess],” explained Michelle. “You can have a work of art and have that pride that you did it yourself, and you’re also helping save something from going to a junkyard.”

A pet-friendly store as Michelle liked to emphasize, Junkyard Goddess sells trunks, wall art, furniture and other home decor items. One of the big items that the store offers though is Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint. This paint comes in several different shades, is free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and gives any surface an “old world” look like it’s been there for decades upon decades. The store also sells items made by several artisans, and Michelle ensures that all of them either restyle their pieces from older items or use environmentally-friendly resources to make their art.

Junkyard Goddess is more than just a boutique though. Michelle wanted her store to be somewhere the community could come in, enjoy a complimentary cookie or coffee and just feel like they’re at home.

“To me, it’s not just about a place to come and shop. I want people to come and think of me if they need a gift or an item for their home,” said Michelle. “More than that, I want to bring the community together and offer classes, workshops and fun events in the evening and just create a space where people can come and feel happy.”

Just as she said this to me, a customer came into her shop. She politely excused herself and helped the customer navigate the new store that had only opened the week before. The customer left empty-handed but said she would definitely be back. The way that Michelle treated the customer, though, was like she’d known her for years – very warm, inviting and willing to help with whatever she needed. This single event showed me that Michelle is true to what she told me just moments before about wanting Junkyard Goddess to have a home-like atmosphere where people feel welcomed.

Junkyard Goddess will be celebrating their Grand Opening with a special party on July 9 from 5-9 p.m. To contact Michelle about painting classes, customization of furniture or any other questions about Junkyard Goddess, visit junkyardgoddess.com, their Facebook Page at facebook.com/junkyardgoddess or Michelle’s Etsy at etsy.com/shop/TheJunkyardGoddess


Current in Geist, Indianapolis, Indiana, July 2016

Goddess of Garbage: Geist’s Dolon turns trash to treasure, opens Junkyard Goddess boutique

  • Geist resident Michelle Dolon recently opened Junkyard Goddess Eco-Boutique to showcase art and upcycled home décor by herself and other area artisans. (Photos by Sam Elliott)

Indiana Goddess Launches Non-Toxic Milk Paint

Thoughtfully designed Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint proves that beautifully-styled home decor and an eco-conscious attitude do indeed mix.
INDIANAPOLIS - March 13, 2016 - PRLog -- Junkyard Goddess LLC announces its plans to launch Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint nationwide. Targeting both the DIY crowd and home-decor retailers, Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint recently debuted on online retailer, zulily.com, to a highly receptive and enthusiastic audience.

As a start-up company with a background in restyling vintage furniture and an interest in supporting a healthy environment, it was essential that the paint performed beautifully and was 100% toxin-free. Available in eighteen shades that were specifically designed for the home, the tones are lively yet subtle enough to blend into their environment without overtaking it. The ingredients are earth-derived. And the Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint comes in a powder form which allows for versatility and creativity. The colors can be mixed together to create endless shades and tones, and the product can be used as either a paint or stain, depending upon the amount of water added.

Michelle Dolon, the creator, says: "As an artisan painting and selling furniture across the country, I spent a great deal of time searching for a product that was absolutely safe for my son and pets. Since I was painting in my basement in the winter months, it also needed to be odor-free and provide easy clean-up.  I searched locally and was unable to find non-toxic paints that provided the old-world finish that I prefer, in shades that I liked. My choices were limited to either companies that had attractive paint colors, but contained volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or companies that made paints which were VOC-free, but the colors didn't complement my aesthetic. So I decided to come out with a product that accomplished both."

With an underlying brand message that promotes loving oneself and the environment, and being free to express and reveal the beauty within, Junkyard Goddess is more than just a paint. It's a movement. A movement that the creator is hoping to take across the country with the help of her Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an "all-or-nothing" funding model so if the Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint Project doesn't reach its goal at the end of twenty-one days, then Dolon goes home empty-handed. Consider donating as little as $1.00 to help her project come to life. If you decide to donate more, you might just be able to say, "I knew her when ..." And you'll certainly snag some great swag for contributing.

If you'd like more information about the Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint project, or to schedule an interview with Michelle Dolon, please email michelle@junkyardgoddess.com.


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