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October 19, 2018



Junkyard Goddess Milk PaintWant to learn more about using Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint?  Join our Facebook group, Milk Paint Maker Space.  You'll meet makers around the country who are using milk paint in their homes and shops.  Learn some new techniques from live furniture painting videos and group interaction.  Learn the basics - how to mix milk paint, the easiest way to apply milk paint and finishing techniques that will protect your milk paint project. 


Get to know our wonderful network of painters.  Everyone from DIY'ers to shop owners are using milk paint because it gives beautiful results and is 100% non-toxic.  There are no harmful chemicals or VOCs so it's safe for anyone to use.  There are no "stinky" paint fumes so you can paint inside in the winter with the windows closed, with your children and pets nearby.  Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint  is so much fun to work with and it's powder formula allows you to create a variety of textures and finishes. Use it as stain or a traditional paint. It's up to you. However you choose to mix it, it has the ability to create the most beautiful looks.  Everything from cottage to farmhouse to industrial and many more.  

Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint Trunk by Vintage Market Mall & Salvage in Fort Myers, Florida


Experiment with mixing Junkyard Goddess paint colors to create your own one-of-a-kind look.  Play around with distressing techniques to create that beautiful, time-worn, coastal look.  Incorporate our Junkyard Goddess Nag Champa Glitter Waxes into your project and create a sparkly, glitter finish for some extra dazzle. Or try some Junkyard Goddess Hemp Oil to create a rich and lustrous finish that will protect your milk paint project.

    . . . or get really creative and learn to decoupage, apply stencil designs and appliques to your milk paint project.  


Milk Painted Trunk by Refurbished in the Middle

Painted Trunk by Refurbished in the Middle in Marion, South Carolina

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