Junkyard Goddess Glitter Milk Paint

Junkyard Goddess Glitter Milk Paint

April 20, 2018


Junkyard Goddess Glitter Milk Paint is the first glitter paint of it's kind. All eighteen shades give a beautiful shimmer, with a glitter and sparkly finish.  Our milk paint is organic, 100% non-toxic and VOC-free.  It is made from milk casein, lime, calcium carbonate (chalk), metallic crystals and earth-derived pigments. When mixed with water, it becomes "paint."

Junkyard Goddess Glitter Milk Paint is available in eighteen shades, exclusively designed to complement the home. The colorful tones are muted and subtle, and blend into their environment without overtaking it.

It can be used on a number of surfaces such as unfinished and painted wood, metal, and glass. Kitchen cabinets, walls and wood floors can be painted with it to create an artistic finish. It can also be used outdoors, especially if a time-worn, weathered look is preferred. 


Available in three sizes - quart, pint and 8 oz.  

Size is measured with the addition of water, in the ratio of one part milk paint powder to one part water.  


Approximate coverage area for each size is:

  • Quart:  70 square feet
  • Pint:     35 square feet
  • 8 oz.:   17 square feet


Junkyard Goddess Glitter Milk Paint is mixed with equal parts water and milk paint powder. To achieve a more opaque finish, use less water. To make a stain or a wash, add more water. 

Additional information on mixing and applying Junkyard Goddess Glitter Milk Paint can be found here.


Junkyard Goddess Glitter Milk Paint beautifully finishes home furnishings, thrift store finds, antiques and more. Easily create finishes such as cottage, shabby chic, french country, farmhouse, and coastal.

Junkyard Goddess Glitter Milk Paint makes it easy to create an old-world finish that appears to have aged naturally.  Used alone, Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint will enable the finish to easily be chippy and distressed (unlike traditional latex paint). If a more even coverage is desired, add Junkyard Goddess Magic Bond to the mixed Junkyard Goddess Glitter Milk Paint mixture. It improves the adherence of the milk paint and creates a smoother finish that resembles the style of a chalk based paint.

Once the paint is dry, sand lightly (or more if that's the preferred look) to reveal the beautiful metallic crystals.


To protect the Junkyard Goddess Glitter Milk Paint, apply a coat of Junkyard Goddess Finishing Wax or (for even more fabulous shimmer) Junkyard Goddess Glitter Wax. Scented with the sensual aroma of Nag Champa, both waxes are non-toxic and 100% chemical-free, solvent-free and preservative-free, and provide a rich and luxurious finish. Junkyard Goddess Glitter Wax can also be used on the body or on the hair for a beautiful, glitter and sparkle finish.


Milk Paint has been used for thousands of years. It is extremely durable, often lasting for hundreds of years if protected from the elements. It is made of all-natural ingredients, and is very safe and non-toxic once applied. Because oil base and acrylic paints are made in vast quantities using cheap petrochemicals, their price can be low relative to the price of milk paint, which is sold in small quantities. Milk Paint is commonly sold in the powder form, which is a combination of casein and lime. Once water is added, the lime activates the casein and yields a highly durable paint.

Before the invention of acrylics, most house paints were made from casein. There is a vast number of historical production documents that outline the manufacture of milk paint on an industrial scale.  This type of manufacturing is being revived on a small scale, so that the advantages of an all natural paint can be combined with the convenience of a ready made paint that requires no mixing.

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