Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint is incredibly versatile in its application, and can be used to create everything from an opaque finish to a sheer stain. Because it comes in a powder form, the finish is completely controlled by the amount of water added.

Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint in Prana


For a standard paint, mix roughly one part milk paint powder to one part lukewarm water.

For a sheer stain, mix roughly one part milk paint powder to one and a half parts lukewarm water.

Place milk paint powder in a large container, and add just enough lukewarm water to make a paste. Then continue to add water using a paint stick or rubber spatula, stirring constantly for approximately three minutes until the desired consistency is achieved. It is normal for paint consistency to be a bit lumpy. Paint can be strained to remove powdered bits, if desired. However, the varied texture of milk paint is beneficial to achieve an “old world”style in the finished application.


A number of tools may be used to apply milk paint – natural bristle or foam brushes, rollers, spray guns, etc. At Junkyard Goddess, the preferred method is a natural bristle brush, which works well to create an old-world, cottage style. When using the paint, stir every ten minutes or so and add more water as mixture thickens. It is recommend to mix only enough paint for the current project. However, unused (mixed) paint can be stored in the refrigerator in an air tight, sealed container for a few days. Mixture will thicken, so add water to attain the desired consistency for reuse. Milk paint (like any water-based paint) adheres best to porous surfaces, such as unfinished wood. If applying to a non-porous surface, light sanding will assist in adherence. Be aware, chipping of paint will likely occur if used directly on glossy surfaces.  For improved adherence of paint, we recommend using Junkyard Goddess Magic Bond


We use and recommended both Briwax and Daddy Van's Finishing Polish to protect the paint and add a lustrous finish. Daddy Van's is toxin-free and VOC-free, and is safe for people, pets and the planet. And it contains pure essential oils of lavender and sweet orange oil.  


Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint is designed for creativity. Paints can be mixed together to create new tones, and they can also be layered to create dimensional color. The paint can be sanded off and “chipped up” to create a distressed look. Finished products can be enhanced with metallic glaze, glitter, and more. Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun. Remember, it's only paint and you can always change it!