Junkyard Goddess is currently looking for individuals who share our passion for creating beautiful and environmentally healthy homes. If you are interested in building your own work-from-home business, you may be interested in becoming a Junkyard Goddess Consultant.


As a Junkyard Goddess Consultant, you will run your own home-based business in partnership with Junkyard Goddess. Use your enthusiasm, networking and social skills to spread the message about our fun events with friends and contacts. Find others who are interested in hosting a painting party. (Leads for parties may come directly from us, as well, as individuals sign up to host parties.) We have a great selection of unfinished items on our website that they order directly from you. You will conduct the parties and gain referrals for future parties, and take orders for Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint products. 


We train, support and guide you every step of the way through a customized plan addressing individual needs and goals.


As a Junkyard Goddess Consultant, the commission your earn will be between 25-35% of our revenue, depending upon your total order sales. You will also earn a sign-up bonus when you refer others to us who join as consultants and host their first party.

In addition to the Junkyard Goddess Consultant commission, you may choose to be involved in our other programs, such as the Affiliate Partner or Online Creative Consultant, to earn commission. And, as Junkyard Goddess continues to grow and expand, there will be opportunities to grow with us and earn even more.  Other types of commission you may sign up for are:



In this independent role, you have complete control over your schedule. It's an uplifting and positive environment, and a great way to earn money and express yourself artistically. 


You will also receive 25-30% off Junkyard Goddess products for personal use, based on a minimum order. To assist you in starting and building your business, our Junkyard Kit is provided to you at a 50% discount. 


There are a variety of tools you will receive at no charge to assist you in building your business and generating sales. Once you are signed up and ready to go, you will receive your own Junkyard Goddess Webpage, and your information will be listed and promoted on our website. You will have access to online tools such as brochures, prices sheets and more; our custom-branding tools, such as Junkyard Goddess logos and banners in a variety of sizes. Printed materials are available, as well.  


Thank you! We really appreciate your interest in joining us in the Junkyard.  Once you're ready, the next step will be to fill out the application. If you have any questions, be sure to get in touch. We are happy to answer any questions and help in any way we are able to.


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